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A long-due update on the matters that matter according to Bolywool

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So, it’s been a long time. A very long time indeed. But here we are.

We thought of doing a studio diary youtube style. But then we sort of realised that no one on this planet would be interested in watching us tweaking MIDI and or switching gear in our pedal boards. So, it’ll be like in the olden days – you have to imagine the creative juices flowing etc. etc. Suffice is to say that the album is coming along neatly. We’ve had some major hiccups, mainly technical stuff, but these will be sorted in due time when finances allow.

It’s less than a month until we board a mid-sized plane bound to Vágar and then, after two odd hours in the air; fuelled by snacks and Okkara beer, catching the first bus due north to Klaksvík to basically just leave stuff at the hotel and then go straight to Gøta to soundcheck. So excited about these gigs. The live thing is always exciting, but these gigs sort of embody the whole essence of what this band is about.

Anywho, got some domestic maintenance to attend to…

Bless bless

There’s no Summer Rain…

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We’ve been busy in the studio recording new material for an upcoming release. We’re really excited about the particular project as it will mark the end of an era and the beginning of a new one.

Plus, we’ve started recording album #4. But that is a totally different story. Too early to tell where this baby is going, but it sure is different from our previous stuff.

The Day of Já

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(NOVO049) is finally released. HALLELUJÁ!!!!

We want to say “takk fyrir” to the following people that has been more or less involved in the process of making this album: Moní, Elisabeth, Biggi, Daggan, Hans, Jonas, Cosimo, Susanna, Anna & Hasse, Maria & Siri + Reykjavík Party People.

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Dear all, On the 26th of March, the second single off Já will be released. It features the a-side Heart is an Oracle, a rework by Viktor Sjöberg, the x-mas single Summer Rain (Gospel) and the brand new song Folklore. Keep your eyes open on every digital distro there is next week.

Dreams of Nova Scotia – Out January 15th 2014

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Dear all,

We are happy to announce (albeit it has been announced everywhere else) that the first single of Já, Dreams of Nova Scotia, will be released digitally on January 15th on Novoton Records.

It’s been a long journey for this songs. We wrote it in December 2009 in Oskar’s room in Stockholm before enjoying one of our many longstanding traditions: hot nachos, port wine and horror flicks. It was supposed to end up on both Thoughts in Arpeggio and Isles, but we never got it quite right.  Until now.

There will also be a video directed by Eric Persson. It’s gorgeous.

A Fine Piece of Art

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As we’re trying to tighten the knots on the project , an urge to perform these songs live have – inevitably – emerged. Now, we’ve tried this before. By this I refer to the tactic of asking whomever this might concern to give us a helping hand to sort out the odd gigs and whatnot. It hasn’t really worked out as most of you read this are what we native speakers of Swedish refer to as ‘närmast sörjande’ (roughly ~ immediate family)Thus, not a lot of great offers coming our way. So, again, if you work for a booking agency or knows someone who does, spread the word. This’ll be the last of it.

We might have one gig this autumn if everything pans out. If and if only, it’ll take place at the end of September/early October here on Öland. It’ll be the first gig for over two years and it’ll be the first with our new helping hands.

And you will know us by the trail of reverb

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So, we’ve started recording overdubs yesterday. It’s such an amazing feeling when a song you’ve written start to come alive; be it a sample or a slick, new guitar arpeggio.

We have sort of decided the first single, but it’s hard to say when it will see the light of day since we want proper distribution for once. If anyone is feeling up for it, drop us a line at info (at) bolywool (dot) com.

Yet another summer rain today. Usually, I woulnd’t mind, but we were going to have the first BBQ of 2013. Bummer.


… And the summer rain

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Sorry for being a lazy twat and not updating this thing properly.
Paternity leave and some other stuff came in the way.

Nevertheless, we will continue recording overdubs, do some more programming and vocals the coming weeks. Really excited.

Will post more or less daily next week.

Until then,


Ísland, við elskum þig!

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So, back in Sweden after one epic week in Iceland. Our sincere gratitude to Moni for producing/spiritual guidance and letting us crash at his place. So many memories. Vestmanneyjar, Sundlaugin and Reykjavík in general. We sort of realised that Iceland is our spiritual home. The making of (now ten songs strong) will continue in Gothenburg and Borgholm. We’re hoping for an autumn release.

Droyma – Ikke

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We were so efficient with the pre-production last weekend, we actually had time to record the first Droyma song since 2011. Here it is, the antithesis of Já:



Easter Island

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Hey y’all.

So, as the tweet yesterday stated, Já seems to have turned into a mini-album after all. We simply cannot let any of these gems be left out. Hopefully, the end results will be as good as they seem in our heads.

Halfway done mixing the new Cocoanut Groove record – it’s going to be a killer.

Happy easter everybody.

Spitsbergen (Svalbard, Alternate mix)

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Can’t really explain why I decided to revisit this gem since I really like the ‘final’ version that’s on the album. I just wanted to elaborate a bit more with a less dense soundscape, i.e. less compression, and added some more keys to enhance some transitions.

The State of Já

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We’ve just scheduled a session at the beginning of April that will conclude pre-production for .  Some Icelandic lager, some music and some zombie flicks. Ought to be a blast.