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August to September, yonder…

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Since the release of Open Your Eyes earlier this summer, we’ve been pretty quiet. We were supposed to do a gig in Malmö, but that never happened. We’ve kept busy recording some new stuff for some future Bolywool projects. At this point in time, a new album seem really far away. Hymnals & Bombs was such a massive undertaking and psychologically draining process that took us so long to finish off that we’ll probably just do some EPs in the foreseeable future.

It would be nice to do some gigs or even just a one off before the year is over. This new/old line-up felt great when we played Fritz’s Corner in April, so it would be nice to take this crew on the road again before everyone get too busy with other stuff again.

April > May

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Dear all,

We’ve been kind of shitty posting on this blog lately. Twitter and Facebook are to blame, we suppose. Nonetheless,  has gotten its fair share of attention. Both good and… less good.

We played two awesome gigs in Stockholm in April. The last one in particular went really well and the new songs we’ve added to the set really worked out great.

That would be all for now. But things are brewing, be rest assured.


April’s Fool

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So, the gig at Landet was fun. First proper gig since 2011, the low-key sets in Sättra last year set aside. We premiered a new tune called Fanø which we jammed out together with Alf back in February. It’s a good opener for a show.

Less than a week until Já is finally released. It’s been almost a year since we went to Iceland for principal tracking and overdubs. Crazy what time flies, eh?

More news later.

Bless bless.



Orcadians, we are coming to get you

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As our annual spiritual retreat, we are visiting Orkney between the 5th and 12th of March. If there is anyone that would be interested in us doing a low-key gig at a pub or in a living room setting, drop us a line at info (at) bolywool (dot) com.

A Fine Piece of Art

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As we’re trying to tighten the knots on the project , an urge to perform these songs live have – inevitably – emerged. Now, we’ve tried this before. By this I refer to the tactic of asking whomever this might concern to give us a helping hand to sort out the odd gigs and whatnot. It hasn’t really worked out as most of you read this are what we native speakers of Swedish refer to as ‘närmast sörjande’ (roughly ~ immediate family)Thus, not a lot of great offers coming our way. So, again, if you work for a booking agency or knows someone who does, spread the word. This’ll be the last of it.

We might have one gig this autumn if everything pans out. If and if only, it’ll take place at the end of September/early October here on Öland. It’ll be the first gig for over two years and it’ll be the first with our new helping hands.

6th of June; no sense of pride

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Today’s our national day. Can’t be bothered to be honest. Not in the state the country is currently in, anyway. Much more excited about moving abroad and starting a remote hotel at an even more remote island.

Overdubs are going great. The main problems at the moment, I s’pose, are lac of time and impatience – just want to get this record out there for the world to hear and enjoy (or not).

Bless, and reclaim the sound.

Easter Island

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Hey y’all.

So, as the tweet yesterday stated, Já seems to have turned into a mini-album after all. We simply cannot let any of these gems be left out. Hopefully, the end results will be as good as they seem in our heads.

Halfway done mixing the new Cocoanut Groove record – it’s going to be a killer.

Happy easter everybody.

Everyday Mistakes – Voodoo Drums

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Next week, our friends in Everyday Mistakes will release the first single from their debut album Obscure Lanes. Calle is bashing them drums on the song (+ another one on the record + guitars and assorted keyboards). This record has taken the odd 6 years to finish off, but it is one mighty fine piece of art, take our word for it. Make no mistake, Everyday Mistakes are gonna be mega.


First ray on the darkest of days

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Dear all,

We’re currently in the process of pre-production our new EP/mini-album (depending on how many songs that make the cut). It’ll be the best thing we’ve done to date. Since the idea of an EP emerged some months ago, we have called it (Icelandic and Faroese for yes).  It starts where Isles ended and takes us even further into the vast open space of soundscapes. Albeit, we’ve said that we’re going to do a proper pop song  again, so…well, you know… you never know.

We’ll try to upload selected videos from the entire process.

That’s all for now.