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August to September, yonder…

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Since the release of Open Your Eyes earlier this summer, we’ve been pretty quiet. We were supposed to do a gig in Malmö, but that never happened. We’ve kept busy recording some new stuff for some future Bolywool projects. At this point in time, a new album seem really far away. Hymnals & Bombs was such a massive undertaking and psychologically draining process that took us so long to finish off that we’ll probably just do some EPs in the foreseeable future.

It would be nice to do some gigs or even just a one off before the year is over. This new/old line-up felt great when we played Fritz’s Corner in April, so it would be nice to take this crew on the road again before everyone get too busy with other stuff again.

And June became July Pt Deux

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Hi y’all.

We’re sort of in the final stages of completing album number 4. It’s a bittersweet feeling as we’ve been working on it since, basically, the sessions for was completed. Final mixing, some late panic overdubs and then off to mastering.

That’d be all then.



A long-due update on the matters that matter according to Bolywool

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So, it’s been a long time. A very long time indeed. But here we are.

We thought of doing a studio diary youtube style. But then we sort of realised that no one on this planet would be interested in watching us tweaking MIDI and or switching gear in our pedal boards. So, it’ll be like in the olden days – you have to imagine the creative juices flowing etc. etc. Suffice is to say that the album is coming along neatly. We’ve had some major hiccups, mainly technical stuff, but these will be sorted in due time when finances allow.

It’s less than a month until we board a mid-sized plane bound to Vágar and then, after two odd hours in the air; fuelled by snacks and Okkara beer, catching the first bus due north to Klaksvík to basically just leave stuff at the hotel and then go straight to Gøta to soundcheck. So excited about these gigs. The live thing is always exciting, but these gigs sort of embody the whole essence of what this band is about.

Anywho, got some domestic maintenance to attend to…

Bless bless


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So, stating the obvious, it’s a new year.

We’re in the midst of pimping this site, recording album no.4 and a few other neat projects. Our social media outlets, i.e. Twitter, Instagram and FB are probably the best ways to get your daily/weelky dose of info from BLWL HQ, but we’d like to elaborate a bit more on the blog from time to time.


All the best,


There’s no Summer Rain…

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We’ve been busy in the studio recording new material for an upcoming release. We’re really excited about the particular project as it will mark the end of an era and the beginning of a new one.

Plus, we’ve started recording album #4. But that is a totally different story. Too early to tell where this baby is going, but it sure is different from our previous stuff.

April > May

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Dear all,

We’ve been kind of shitty posting on this blog lately. Twitter and Facebook are to blame, we suppose. Nonetheless,  has gotten its fair share of attention. Both good and… less good.

We played two awesome gigs in Stockholm in April. The last one in particular went really well and the new songs we’ve added to the set really worked out great.

That would be all for now. But things are brewing, be rest assured.


The Day of Já

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(NOVO049) is finally released. HALLELUJÁ!!!!

We want to say “takk fyrir” to the following people that has been more or less involved in the process of making this album: Moní, Elisabeth, Biggi, Daggan, Hans, Jonas, Cosimo, Susanna, Anna & Hasse, Maria & Siri + Reykjavík Party People.

April’s Fool

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So, the gig at Landet was fun. First proper gig since 2011, the low-key sets in Sättra last year set aside. We premiered a new tune called Fanø which we jammed out together with Alf back in February. It’s a good opener for a show.

Less than a week until Já is finally released. It’s been almost a year since we went to Iceland for principal tracking and overdubs. Crazy what time flies, eh?

More news later.

Bless bless.



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Dear all, On the 26th of March, the second single off Já will be released. It features the a-side Heart is an Oracle, a rework by Viktor Sjöberg, the x-mas single Summer Rain (Gospel) and the brand new song Folklore. Keep your eyes open on every digital distro there is next week.

Orcadians, we are coming to get you

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As our annual spiritual retreat, we are visiting Orkney between the 5th and 12th of March. If there is anyone that would be interested in us doing a low-key gig at a pub or in a living room setting, drop us a line at info (at) bolywool (dot) com.

Dreams of Nova Scotia – Out January 15th 2014

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Dear all,

We are happy to announce (albeit it has been announced everywhere else) that the first single of Já, Dreams of Nova Scotia, will be released digitally on January 15th on Novoton Records.

It’s been a long journey for this songs. We wrote it in December 2009 in Oskar’s room in Stockholm before enjoying one of our many longstanding traditions: hot nachos, port wine and horror flicks. It was supposed to end up on both Thoughts in Arpeggio and Isles, but we never got it quite right.  Until now.

There will also be a video directed by Eric Persson. It’s gorgeous.

Yellowbox, Saturday 28th 2013.

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Sorry for the lack of updates, but we’ve been crazy busy working our day time jobs, etc.

We are very glad to announce (albeit we’ve already done it on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) that we are performing our first gig since 2011 now on Saturday. Johan Franzén will be joining us on keyboards and electronics. This is pretty much a one off, but this constellation might perform again for smaller house shows or such. No live drums. We are really excited.

is almost done. We’re just waiting for one final contribution to a song, and then it’s just a few tweaks here and there and then off to mastering. It’s a really beautiful record. The songs are really sad, but they make me smile as they make me reminisce of how, when and where they were conceived, elaborated on, recorded and all that jazz. We’re hoping for an early 2014 release at any rate.

See you on Saturday.


A Fine Piece of Art

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As we’re trying to tighten the knots on the project , an urge to perform these songs live have – inevitably – emerged. Now, we’ve tried this before. By this I refer to the tactic of asking whomever this might concern to give us a helping hand to sort out the odd gigs and whatnot. It hasn’t really worked out as most of you read this are what we native speakers of Swedish refer to as ‘närmast sörjande’ (roughly ~ immediate family)Thus, not a lot of great offers coming our way. So, again, if you work for a booking agency or knows someone who does, spread the word. This’ll be the last of it.

We might have one gig this autumn if everything pans out. If and if only, it’ll take place at the end of September/early October here on Öland. It’ll be the first gig for over two years and it’ll be the first with our new helping hands.