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A long-due update on the matters that matter according to Bolywool

So, it’s been a long time. A very long time indeed. But here we are.

We thought of doing a studio diary youtube style. But then we sort of realised that no one on this planet would be interested in watching us tweaking MIDI and or switching gear in our pedal boards. So, it’ll be like in the olden days – you have to imagine the creative juices flowing etc. etc. Suffice is to say that the album is coming along neatly. We’ve had some major hiccups, mainly technical stuff, but these will be sorted in due time when finances allow.

It’s less than a month until we board a mid-sized plane bound to Vágar and then, after two odd hours in the air; fuelled by snacks and Okkara beer, catching the first bus due north to Klaksvík to basically just leave stuff at the hotel and then go straight to Gøta to soundcheck. So excited about these gigs. The live thing is always exciting, but these gigs sort of embody the whole essence of what this band is about.

Anywho, got some domestic maintenance to attend to…

Bless bless

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