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A Fine Piece of Art

As we’re trying to tighten the knots on the project , an urge to perform these songs live have – inevitably – emerged. Now, we’ve tried this before. By this I refer to the tactic of asking whomever this might concern to give us a helping hand to sort out the odd gigs and whatnot. It hasn’t really worked out as most of you read this are what we native speakers of Swedish refer to as ‘närmast sörjande’ (roughly ~ immediate family)Thus, not a lot of great offers coming our way. So, again, if you work for a booking agency or knows someone who does, spread the word. This’ll be the last of it.

We might have one gig this autumn if everything pans out. If and if only, it’ll take place at the end of September/early October here on Öland. It’ll be the first gig for over two years and it’ll be the first with our new helping hands.

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