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Monthly Archives: June 2013

6th of June; no sense of pride

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Today’s our national day. Can’t be bothered to be honest. Not in the state the country is currently in, anyway. Much more excited about moving abroad and starting a remote hotel at an even more remote island.

Overdubs are going great. The main problems at the moment, I s’pose, are lac of time and impatience – just want to get this record out there for the world to hear and enjoy (or not).

Bless, and reclaim the sound.

And you will know us by the trail of reverb

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So, we’ve started recording overdubs yesterday. It’s such an amazing feeling when a song you’ve written start to come alive; be it a sample or a slick, new guitar arpeggio.

We have sort of decided the first single, but it’s hard to say when it will see the light of day since we want proper distribution for once. If anyone is feeling up for it, drop us a line at info (at) bolywool (dot) com.

Yet another summer rain today. Usually, I woulnd’t mind, but we were going to have the first BBQ of 2013. Bummer.