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Monthly Archives: February 2013

Spitsbergen (Svalbard, Alternate mix)

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Can’t really explain why I decided to revisit this gem since I really like the ‘final’ version that’s on the album. I just wanted to elaborate a bit more with a less dense soundscape, i.e. less compression, and added some more keys to enhance some transitions.

The State of Já

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We’ve just scheduled a session at the beginning of April that will conclude pre-production for .  Some Icelandic lager, some music and some zombie flicks. Ought to be a blast.

Everyday Mistakes – Voodoo Drums

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Next week, our friends in Everyday Mistakes will release the first single from their debut album Obscure Lanes. Calle is bashing them drums on the song (+ another one on the record + guitars and assorted keyboards). This record has taken the odd 6 years to finish off, but it is one mighty fine piece of art, take our word for it. Make no mistake, Everyday Mistakes are gonna be mega.